Thoughtful Thursday


Today I am feeling very proud of our neighbours across the sea. Last night New Zealand became the 13th country to legalise same sex marriage. This is a great move forward for the world and I really don’t see why more countries haven’t allowed this. Growing up I never was exposed to couples of the same sex. I do know that my mum had friends who were gay. When I was around 17 I was properly introduced to those who were attracted to the same sex as one of my friends in the group I hung out in came out. This then opened to a whole new world I really had no idea about. Over the course of the next few years I was introduced to more gay friends and they were some of the most awesome people I have ever met. Nowadays I have many gay friends. one of my most awesome friends I made in Queensland and one of the most beautiful people I know has been with her partner for a few years now and they are the most beautiful couple I have met. I also have gay friends who live in my home town who are some of the nicest people I know. Have they made my life worse. Nope in fact quite the opposite they have probably made me more open to the world. Do I think if they marry it would be the end of the world? Nope. I think it would be awesome! Australia’s current leaders do not believe that same sex couple should marry. Australia is way behind in the times on this issue. More then half of Australia’s population are for same sex marriage. This is a great thing. We have a federal election coming up in a few months and I do think this will be a big selling point as to who takes power for the next 4 years. The Labor party who are currently the party in power are very mixed on the subject. While the leader Julia Gillard does not believe in same sex marriage she has allowed her party to have a conscious vote on this subject which means if there was ever a vote on allowing same sex marriage then the members of the party would be able to vote in the way in which they felt was right. The Liberal party don’t have this. They have been told to vote with the party line which is to not allow same sex marriage. I personally think in about 20 years time we will be looking back at this issues and wondering why we didn’t change it sooner. Just look at the Americans with their inter-race marriage. They though the would would end if people of different races married. Well I can tell you now that I am pretty sure the world is still turning! I have included some links that show Australia’s stance on same sex marriage as well as the decision that was made in New Zealand last night. One day I do hope that every single person around the world has the opportunity to marry the person that they love no matter what sex, race or religion they are!

I know it is controversial but do you support same sex marriage?