I’m in love with someone who isn’t real.


I was sitting down watching Eclipse last night drooling over Jacob (GO TEAM JACOB) and I just had to write a post about all the fictional characters that I am in love with and would like nothing more than for them to be real. And yes I am well aware I might be crazy… but hey who isn’t these days! I am one of those mums that got into the mummy porn hype that is 50 shades of grey. I tried to resist but curiosity got the better of me. I loved them and completely fell in love with Christian Grey and would read the book imagining that I was Ana. The Hunger Games were amazing books and I loved the movie. Team Peeta all the way here. I love all the Disney Princes except for the beast. He just seems like an arrogant piece of work. Clive Cusslers Dirk Pitt is a MAJOR hottie (helped along by the fact that Matthew McConaughey portrayed him in the movie Sahara). Any character Patrick Warburton voices automatically becomes 100% sexier no matter what they look like. So here is a list of the fictional characters that I am in love with.

Animated Movies

  • Any of the Disney Princes


  • Christian Grey
  • Peeta Mellark
  • Dirk Pitt
  • Jack West Jr
  • Mr Darcy
  • Romeo


  • Captain America
  • Jacob Black
  • Rhett Butler
  • Loki
  • Indiana Jones
  • Han Solo
  • Danny Ocean
  • James Bond (mainly the Daniel Craig Bond)

So now it’s your turn. Who is the fictional character that makes you go weak at the knees?