So now I’m 30…


I turned 30 a week or so ago. In all honesty it really did scare me. Aside from the dirty 30 and your about to reach your sexual prime jokes 30 is a pretty big deal! With people living longer I can now say I have probably lived a third of my life. Milestone birthdays are a good time to look back and see where it is in your life and if you are on track on what you have planned in your head or if life took a major turn and you are now on a different path. For me it is the latter. I always thought that by 30 I would be married, have a couple of kids (I wanted 5) and owning my own business. Life right now couldn’t be any more different. I’m single, a mum and studying at uni. This is a much different path for me! I never would have thought that I could go to uni. I didn’t finish year 12 back in the day (life took a massive turning point at 20 too!) but in the last 10 years I have gone back and completed it and gotten myself into uni. I am not studying business (missed out by a point) I am doing Social Work. It’s hard but it gives me a chance to help people. and I can always go back to do business later. I never in a million years thought I could handle being a single mum. But I am so proud of the wonderful boy my son has become and that all comes down to me. So looking back on the last 10 years I have come a long way and not on the path that I thought I had set for myself. So what about the next 10 years where do I want to be the next time I am looking back at 40. Well I want to have my social work degree finished and working part time in the field, I want to be living in a different town (Tasmania has always appealed to me) I want to be studying or have studied human resource management. But the most important of all of them I would love to have found love. Love for me has always been a bit of a mystery (That’s a WHOLE different post!!!) and I hope in the next 10 years I can sit down and be looking back with someone by my side.