The Bachelor Australia


Alright it is time for me to admit. I have been sucked in and am now every week tuning in to see what happens! Tim is a very nice looking Chiro (When is he moving here!) and of the now 4 girls that are left I do believe that half of them are CRAZY. That doesn’t include the few crazies that have already been booted out. I mean there was a crazy cat lady. So from the stories I have read Tim is apparently THE HOTTEST BACHELOR EVER. He is even better than all the American ones. We breed are Aussie men well here! The biggest highlight though of this show is the Mamamia recaps! These things are HILARIOUS. I love Thursdays and always stalk my facebook to read them as soon as they come up. Here are some gems that I love from it.

Rochelle gets the one-on-one. Ali is devastated and completely unable to hide it, although she does manage to get her emotions in check before the sea rises up in fury behind her. (She may or may not have been training a giant death squid with vials of her competitors’ blood.)

And we’re back! Episode two opens with Tim doing some contemplative paddle boarding because love is hard and muscles look nice.

Tim then talks about her lips for 25 minutes, while staring at them like he’s that murderer from The Silence of Lambs and wants to put her in a hole while he softens them up a bit more.

Penny is explaining to another one of the girls how she’s going to win through sheer force of will. Who needs love when you’re willing to work hard? She goes through her checklist: “Did I step up at the group date? Did I show him I’m appreciative of being in Broome? Did I leave the right amount of my eyelashes on his pillow so he may accidentally swallow one while sleeping?”

You can check out all the recaps here! I honestly at this point think Ali will win although the other 3 are quite good front runners. It will be interesting to watch the next few eps and see who it is who wins Tims heart!

I hate Summer


Hey guys sorry for not posting yesterday! I just got really busy as I had been sick all week and yesterday was the first chance I had to actually leave the house and get things done. We are in the middle of a hot spell at the moment. The temp has been over 30 degrees for the last 4 days and it’s only getting hotter. I really don’t cope in the heat. I am a hot blooded person by nature. I sleep hot and in winter I have been known to wear short sleeves and skirts. My brother is the same. So heat and me just doesn’t mix. I don’t sleep when t is hot or the only way that I do sleep is by having a wet towel over me and the fan blowing on that. I don’t have air con either. My house isn’t too bad in the heat. Most of the day it stays pretty cool however the front of my house faces the afternoon sun so at about 4pm my house turns into an oven. No matter what I do. It sucks. I am just glad that we are in the last month of summer. In fact there are only 12 days left of summer. Not that I am counting. Unfortunately February is known as being a pretty hot dry month. means we can get a few bush fires. There have been a few throughout Australia this season so far. Thankfully I have never experienced a bad bush fire. I can’t imagine how scary it would be. So what’s the weather like where you are? Are you in summer or winter? Do you prefer warm weather or the cold?