Marvel Vs DC


Well tomorrow my son and I are off to the movies. We are going to see the advanced screening of Ironman 3. We are massive Marvel fans and love all the movies. From Spider-man to Thor. We have seen all of them and normally go to the advanced screenings if we can. We have been hanging out to see Ironman 3 for ages. We watch the trailer quite often so we are pretty excited. We aren’t actually big DC comic fans. I personally wont let him watch the Batman movies. They are way to dark and scary for him (Although he does have one of the cartoons  which even then is slightly to dark for my liking). Superman I will however let him watch when it comes out in a couple of months. We quite like him as he is not all doom and gloom. We recently watched The Green Lantern and I have to say that the only decent thing that the movie had was the fact that Ryan Reynolds was in it. Personally to me Marvel have much better quality of movies. Their story lines are much less doom and gloom and have a much more positive spin then DC. Addison is a big Spider-man fan. He loves him! We have all the movies and have to say we like the remake of them better then the first set of movies. I think it comes down to the fact that Disney now own Marvel. This makes them much more family friendly. So we will head off to the movies to check out the new Ironman movie and in good timing we got to watch the first trailer for the new Thor movie later this year! (you can watch that on my Facebook page here )

Do you prefer the Marvel movies or the DC Movies?