Congrats are in order!


WOW… What a weekend. While I have been sick with suspected man flu (yep all I have done is complain) the world has kept turning and a couple of my friends have had major life events happen. This weekend I was invited to Adelaide to attend a friends engagement party. However lack of funds and my boy starting school meant I was unable to. So what happens. She surprises everyone and gets married! While I am sad that I missed out on being there on their special day I do feel honoured that I was invited! I have know my friend Keira for about 4 years. We met at another friends engagement party. My boy was at my dad’s for the weekend but she was there with her little boy. I may have stolen her baby (who was a few months old) from then we became firm friends. We were both in similar situations being single mums and the fathers not being in our boys lives. We helped each other out. Her more then me. She is a fantastic and beautiful friend who I wish all the best for the future. The other major thing that happened is that one of my lovely friends in Brisbane had a little baby girl this morning. She is another beautiful friend who I have known for 6 years from when I lived up there. He little girl is the most adorable little thing and I wish her all the best.

What happened in your world this weekend?