Natural Cold and Flu Remedies


Well I am currently dealing with the worst cold/mild flu I have had in forever. Most of the time I get the sniffles or a bit clogged up in the nose but I am feeling it at the moment. Body aches, clogged nose, cough. Thankfully no fever although I am taking panadol so it might not have come through. I prefer to deal with most things naturally if I can. So that means I have been googling natural remedies. I know the basics such as lots of rest (hard when you are a single mum) and lots of water. I have been downing juice to up the vitamins and lots of cups of tea to help with the cough/ sore throat. Garlic is one that I had heard of  but had never tried so I have given that a go today. I just sliced it up and took it like you do tablets (tried giving it a chew but it was not pretty!). Also been trying to keep my food intake up. as much as I don’t feel like eating this is something I need to do to help me feel better. I have cheated in that I am using some medicine for my nose. I can’t have 5 showers a day to keep my nose clear so this is helping me do the job. So hopefully the garlic starts doing it’s job and tomorrow I start feeling better. I think I am over the worse.

What are some of your favourite cold/ flu remedies?

under the weather


Ahh the joys. This morning when I woke up I felt like I was going to vomit and unfortunately that has stuck around all day. I would like nothing more then to curl up in bed and sleep it off but the joys of being a single mum mean I can’t. I have fed my son, showered him, been to the shop to get the things he needs for school lunch tomorrow and put on a load of washing. Thankfully I haven’t yet gone rushing to the toilet. I hate vomit. It is the one thing I can’t handle. The last time that I vomited was 3 and a half years ago when I was away for Christmas and my family was struck down with a bad case of gastro (my son was hospitalised because of it) When I am sick I just want my dad or mum to come and look after me. I don’t even handle my son’s vomit too well but thankfully he has learnt to throw up in the toilet or shower so it is easier to handle. I am very much looking forward to going to bed tonight and curling up. But for the next few hours I will be cooking dinner and getting my son ready for bed. Here is hoping I feel better in the morning!