Baby it’s cold outside


Brrr… It is that time of year in Australia. Winter is upon us and it is chilly. Where I live in Mt Gambier it get very cold. Sadly though like most of Australia we don’t get snow. Just lots of rain and really cold winds. The temp normally doesn’t get over 15c and nights are freezing. To me this is the perfect weather.  On these cold winter days I love nothing more then curling up on the couch and either watching a movie or reading a book. An awesome thing about my new place is that it has a wood fire. This has been an experience for me as in my 30 years I have never lived in a house which had a wood fire. But almost 2 weeks in I am loving it! It is so peaceful watching the wood fire and watching the flames dance. Not to mention that it really warms the lounge room up. I’m sweltering! Addison loves the fire as well and has great plans to cook in it and toast marshmallow!

So what’s the weather like where you are?

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies


Well I am currently dealing with the worst cold/mild flu I have had in forever. Most of the time I get the sniffles or a bit clogged up in the nose but I am feeling it at the moment. Body aches, clogged nose, cough. Thankfully no fever although I am taking panadol so it might not have come through. I prefer to deal with most things naturally if I can. So that means I have been googling natural remedies. I know the basics such as lots of rest (hard when you are a single mum) and lots of water. I have been downing juice to up the vitamins and lots of cups of tea to help with the cough/ sore throat. Garlic is one that I had heard of  but had never tried so I have given that a go today. I just sliced it up and took it like you do tablets (tried giving it a chew but it was not pretty!). Also been trying to keep my food intake up. as much as I don’t feel like eating this is something I need to do to help me feel better. I have cheated in that I am using some medicine for my nose. I can’t have 5 showers a day to keep my nose clear so this is helping me do the job. So hopefully the garlic starts doing it’s job and tomorrow I start feeling better. I think I am over the worse.

What are some of your favourite cold/ flu remedies?