Have you checked out Bitstrips yet?


So there is a bit of a new craze sweeping Facebook at the moment and that craze is Bitstrips. You can design your avatar and then that avatar can be placed in all sorts of situations that can be shared on twitter, facebook and tumblr. You are able to even include friends in your pics! I love it and it is a bit of fun! It works on both android and apple phones as well as on the computer for facebook. If you want the apps the links are here!

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitstrips.bitstrips&hl=en

Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/bitstrips/

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/bitstrips/id694701214?mt=8

Here is a few that I have posted so far!

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10 Facebook pages I love


I like a lot of pages on facebook. But only quality ones. I don’t always interact with them but I do enjoy reading what they post. So here are my top 10 Facebook pages I love.

  1. Nerds do it better – This is one of the places I get my nerd fix. They post all sorts of Nerdy and funny pics!
  2. Stay at home mum – This is a great page for all things household related. They give you great tips, recipes and ideas for living on a budget.
  3. The amazing hipster spider-man – Another random nerdy page which is more directed at superheros.
  4. Evolution – A science page that looks at the evolutions of things. Pretty interesting read.
  5. Voluptuous Vixens – This page is great for us ‘larger’ ladies and is really inspiring.
  6. I Fucking love science – A fantastic page about all things science. I have learnt heaps from this page and it is both educational and funny.
  7. Sheldon’s Quotes – Because who doesn’t love a good quote from Sheldon.
  8. Death to the Yummy Mummy – Probably one of the pages I interact with the most and one of the most awesome! She is just a mum of 5 who is lovely enough to give us an insight into her life. I think she is amazing!
  9. Pure Nourishment – An inspirational page that has a lot of lovely quotes. Great for a boost.
  10. Dazzlevine – HA-HA a bit of shameless promotion of my own page. This s a great place to keep updated on my latest post, see my photo a day challenge and the only place to enter my RAOK giveaway I do once a month. Please like it and share!

So do you have any Facebook pages that you love? Share them with me!