Sunday Night



This is what im doing on my sunday night.. Big bang theory and a jar of peanut butter. All that is missing is the 10 cats!! What are you up to?


It all started with a big bang


The favourite TV show in this house is Big Bang Theory. Both my son and I watch this in stitches. It’s funny, educational and basically THE BEST SHOW EVER! I love every single character in the show. So I thought I would write a post about why I like each person!


Sheldon Cooper

How can you not love Sheldon. He’s smart, funny, aloof and probably not even a real person. Sheldon is my son’s favourite. He quite often goes around saying ‘Knock, Knock Penny’ and ‘Bazinga’. I think everyone has a little Sheldon in them. I am loving the storyline between Sheldon and Amy (Shamy) at the moment and loved the episode where he asked Amy to be his girlfriend. A very non Sheldon thing to do. My favourite Sheldon quote ‘I’m not insane my mother had me tested’.


Leonard Hofstadter

I love Leonard! He would have to be my favourite character from the series. I love nerdy guys and he is my kind of nerdy guy! I can totally imagine Leonard in real life. Smart, awkward, cute. He always manages to get the good looking girl. I love His and Penny’s relationship. It is very much how I would love a relationship to be. ‘I don’t know. I guess your movements are so life-like I sometimes forget you’re not a real boy.’



Penny is probably the character I identify with the most. She is smart. But not in the sense of the others. She does as we find in later episodes have an inner geek. I love watching her relationship with Sheldon. you can see she sees him like a brother and their bantering is very much like that. Again I love her relationship with Leonard. She is a commitment-phobic but you can see that she loves him. ‘So any of your weirdos wanna buy my underwear for $1400 bucks’


Raj Koothrappali

Who doesn’t love the selectively mute Indian. Raj has that cute little innocence about him. In real life Kunal is a major hottie! He is probably the most attractive of all the 4 men. ‘I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Aquaman sucks’


Howard Wolowitz

I have to say that Howard is probably my least favourite of all cast. I just think that he is a really big sleaze. I do like the way they have played out the relationship with him and Raj. I find that quite funny to watch and you can certainly pick up the homosexual undertones. ‘First we let the lawyers and the jocks thin the herd, and then we go after the weak, the old and the lame.’


Bernadette Rostenkowski

Small, cute but man does she pack a personality! I quite like Bernadette. She doesn’t put up with sh*t from anyone. She is the only one who can handle Howard and his mother. She is the sort of person who knows what she wants and normally gets it. ‘I’m the kind of girl who can get all the giant missiles she wants’


Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy would have to be one of my new favourite characters on the show. She is just so awkwardly truthful. I love how she just speaks her mind and says what comes into her head. I think she is the best fit for Sheldon as she is more then able to get him into a relationship. ‘Hoo’

What TV show do you love? What do you love about it? Would love to hear about them as I am always looking for new shows to watch!