The sisterhood code


Just like guys have a ‘bro code’ there is also a code between girls about what you should and shouldn’t do. I personally believe in these things and while I may have broken one or two of them there are a few that I would never even consider breaking. I have lost friends because of the sister code. It is sad that for many people the sister code doesn’t mean anything because I know first hand how badly it can destroy friendships. So here is my sisterhood code that I try to follow.

  1. Do not flirt with your friends boyfriend and by no means fall for him.
  2. If you and your friend like the same guy it falls to the rule of who saw him first. It does not matter if he does not care for the one who saw him first. You need to have the blessing of your friend before you proceed if you did not have first dibs.
  3. Unless your friend has said it is ok then you do not flirt or date your friends brother. This ruins friendships. Just don’t do it.
  4. Do not make your friends choose a side if you are fighting with another. It turns out bad and you may never get your friend back. ( I am lucky. Most of my life I have had my 2 best friends really dislike each other. They put up with each other for my sake. Yeah I had to deal with a bit of bitching but if it got too much then I would just say to them to stop.)
  5. If a friend tells you a secret then keep it. Do not tell other people. Same goes for things said in confidence. Sometimes you might have a bitch about another friend. Do not go back and tell that friend. This is the main thing that causes friendships to break down I believe.
  6. Don’t meddle with a friends relationship. It’s just not on. A relationship should only be between the people who are in it.
  7. Do not date your friends ex unless you have their permission. The best rule of thumb is wait at least 6 months for any relationship over 3 months or 3 for relationships under 3 months. Make sure they are fairly well over them before you ask. If they say no respect their wishes. Do not go behind their back.
  8. When you meet someone new, either a new friend or a new boy friend, don’t neglect your old friends. Yes it’s fun to meet someone new but just remember who has been there since the start.
  9. Be there for your friends if they need you. Be that shoulder to cry on. Even if you don’t know what to say just be someone who will listen.
  10. If someone is hanging sh*t and teasing your friend, back her up. It doesn’t matter if you cop it for backing her up. She is your friend. She doesn’t deserve it.
  11. Probably the most important rule of all that so many people forget these days CHICKS BEFORE DICKS.

Do you have a sisterhood code? Is there anything else that you would add to the list?

Thoughtful Thursday


Are you your own best friend? When I lived in Queensland I gave my Aunty a piece of advice that 4 years later she told me was something she remembers and actually took. So what was this advice… That you have to be happy with yourself and the way you are before you you can let any one else into your life. This is something that I live by. If I don’t love myself then how am I going to have anyone else love me. Some days it is hard to love yourself. I struggle as most people do. Personally I haven’t been in a relationship since just before my son was born. I had to do some soul searching and learn to love myself again after he was born. I am still on that journey. It’s a long road but I am getting there and I am at the stage where I am happy to start dating again. So the question for you is.. Do you love yourself and are you your own best friend?