Feeling the Love – Liebster Award


I am feeling the love right about now.. A week ago I was nominated for a Liebster award by the beautiful Gina from gg’s world! Very exciting! As I have been busy this is the first chance I have had to write this! So there are some rules with the Liebster award. First publicly thank the person who nominated you, secondly tell 11 things about yourself, thirdly answer the 11 questions that have been left for you and make up your own to pass on to 11 other blogs and lastly link to the blogs you have nominated and let them know on their wall. So here goes!!


Publicly thank the person who nominated you – A big THANK YOU to Gina for nominating me! I love to read your blog and see how things go on the other side of the world and I do believe you are becoming a firm friend! xoxo

11 things about me

  • I have a fish called Nemo and a Bird called Kurt
  • I am known as a bit of a drama queen
  • I love video games
  • I have a huge celebrity crush on Zac Efron
  • I am known as a bit of a hippy to the rest of my family
  • I prefer showers over baths
  • I love to bake novelty cakes
  • My most hated chore is washing clothes
  • I have way too many clothes
  • I love glitter
  • I only wash my hair once a week

The 11 questions I have to answer

  • If you could bring back anyone from the dead to talk to and have lunch with, who would it be and why?

Oh this is a hard one! I would have to say Heath Ledger. He was an AMAZING actor and I would have love to have gotten to get the chance to meet him and just chat to him (and maybe kidnap him and keep him under my bed!)

  • What is your shoe size?

Size 9 – 10 I have a massive feet for my hight and my son has followed in the family footsteps.

  • What is your favourite TV show?

Ahh this is an easy one! The Big Bang Theory!

  • Name something that bugs you.

I know it shouldn’t but sometimes my son’s laugh really gets on my nerves! It’s high pitched and just grates on your ears after a while!

  • What is your favorite book?

It’s more a series of books that I love. Tomorrow when the war began by John Marsden. They are AMAZING books.

  • Do you prefer summer, fall, winter or spring and why?

WINTER!! Because I don’t cope in the heat and I am a snow bunny!

  • How many books do you read in a year?

Before child I could read 200+ books a year. Now I read about 50

  • What is your secret talent?

Does being a drama queen count?!? Not sure if I have a secret talent but I do love acting.

  • Is there something you can’t get enough of?

Coffee and chocolate!

  • What sport are you bad at?

EVERY SINGLE ONE! I really badly suck at sports. I think my siblings took all the good genes and I got stuck with the not so good ones!

  • Do you have a green thumb?

Ummm… no… my idea of gardening is using weed spray on everything!

11 Questions for my chosen blogs

  1. Are you a dog person or a cat person
  2. What is your favourite song? why?
  3. What is your favourite chore?
  4. Tea or coffee?
  5. Are you a crafty sort of person?
  6. Who is your favourite superhero?
  7. City person or country person?
  8. What is your first memory?
  9. If you could have breakfast with the leader of your country and they offered you the chance to change one law or policy what would it be in why?
  10. What is your favourite holiday?
  11. Who would you turn gay for?

My 11 nominated blogs

Well I hope you all had fun getting to know mw a little better and go check out all the great blogs!

PS My giveaway is still running as I thought I would extend it as it is a long weekend here! So don’t forget to check it out!

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