Promotion – Giveaway


So as some of you might already know I have a resolutions as such to do a random act of kindness a month. This is something I like to do just because I love giving things and what better then to give something to the lovely readers of my blog! It’s also a chance for me to promote some businesses that I love so really it is a double RAOK as someone gets a gift and a business gets a bit of a promotion. So the first business that I have picked is a lovely friends of mine Aqualight Vibrational Crystal Drops by my friend Tamara. Tamara is a reki healer, and a person who is in touch with spirits. She does card readings with a range of cards as well! another part of her business is using crystals to make special blends which can help people with all sorts of issues. I personally have used these blends as well as my son and I do believe they work. My son got a blend to help him to sleep and they made quite a difference in the fact he was going to bed earlier and sleeping much more soundly. I myself got a blend to help with the stress of everyday life. When I am feeling stressed I use a couple of these drops and within half an hour I am feeling much better and a lot less stressed. So I would like to give YOU my lovely readers a chance to try these drops out for yourself. I have one of Tamara’s intuitive blends to give away. The intuitive blend is when after a short consult with you (which can be done a number of different ways such as skype, phone, email..ect.) she will make a blend which is tailor made just to your needs. Pretty awesome right. So what do you need to do to be in the running. First you need to head over to my facebook page and like that. then you need to head over to the Aqualight Vibrational Crystal Drops page and like that too. Then click on the giveaway tab on my facebook page and enter! IT’S THAT EASY! then in a weeks time I will announce the person who will be receiving this lovely prize. Good Luck