Horse Riding… or in my case Horse falling


I love horse riding. Apparently I am pretty good at it too. Unfortunately I’m no longer allowed to horse ride. I stared horse riding late last year. a friend of mine had been doing it for a while and it is always something that I wanted to get into so I thought I would give it a go. I went out with her and really enjoyed it. unlike some riding schools I would go out and get my horse from the paddock, I would then saddle him all by myself then we would go for a ride. I loved that you learnt every aspect of horse riding including how to care for the horse. The first time I went out I did fall off. Not badly though as we were pretty much at a stand still and a kangaroo jumped out in front of us scaring the horses. I got back on and I wasn’t sore afterwards. The next 4 times were really good. After just 4 lessons I was ready to ride at a trot. My horse that I was riding had wanted me to do it sooner but I didn’t feel ready. I had a really good seat on the horse and really enjoyed getting up to a trot. It was good to go faster. On my 6th time out however it was a different story. The horses in which I ride are older horses. Mine was the oldest of them all. He was 30. They are very well loved horses though. Anyway I went out as always and we were heading into the pines to do our normal trail ride. The horses had just had  their hoofs cleaned so they were feeling everything underfoot. My horse was a little wobbly and I was struggling to keep my heels down and just wasn’t feeling comfortable. We got to an area which was good for our first trot. I was unsure but gave it a go. My foot slipped out of the stirrup and I really did not have a good seat. I stopped him and then fixed up my stirrup. We kept going again at a walk until we reached another area. I really wasn’t feeling comfortable on him and probably should have kept going at a walk. We reached another area in which we could go for a trot and this is where it happened. I couldn’t control my feet and so my horse was just getting faster and faster. In the end I did the only thing I could do. Half falling and half self ditching I came off the horse. It was the only thing I could have done. It was not fun. It hurt. I was winded. It took me about 5 mins to get myself up off the ground and get my breathing back. Then I had to walk. They did offer to go get the car for me. But I’m stubborn. I walked for a bit until we could find a place where I could get back on the horse. I got back on the horse and had a slow sore ride back to the stable. When we got back I didn’t have to unsaddle my horse. I just sat and waited. Eventually my friend dropped me home and that’s when I cried. While I had teared up after I fell off I didn’t cry. but I got home and I was in so much pain. basically I sat on the couch and couldn’t move. My son was at kindy so I rang up a friend and asked her if she could pick him up for me (I don’t drive and there was no way I could walk to get him). At this stage I had thought maybe I should go to the hospital but I didn’t think the damage was too bad so I had thought that if I just rested I would be fine and if I was still sore after a few days I would head to the doctor. Well my friend dropped my son off and took one look at me and said she was taking me to the hospital. So she bundled my son back in the car and headed home to drop him and her kids off then her husband came back and took my to the hospital. I was lucky I only had to wait for about an hour to see someone. As soon as I got in they gave me a couple of panadine forte. They did nothing so then they thought they would try some up the bum panadol (over-sharing I know!) that still had no effect. So then I saw the doctor. He was a good looking one too! He had a look at me and gave me some more stronger pain killers and a muscle relaxant. By this stage I was feeling pretty darn happy with myself and may have exclaimed a little loudly that he was a very good looking doctor! So anyway The doctor sent me for a pee test to check my kidneys and then I went off and had an x ray to see if I had done any damage. The verdict. I had a fractured L5 Transverse Process, Torn or pulled most of the muscles in the right side of my back and there was a bit of internal bruising along with having bruised kidneys and bowel. Turns out I did a good job of it. It’s now been about 6 months since the accident. I am still recovering from it. I used to be a big walker. Now days if I walk to much I am laid up for a few days after. I’m lucky I have some good friends who have helped me out. I still have a long way to go before it will ever be better. But I see a wonderful Chiropractor who is helping me and I am trying to rest lots. Unfortunately it seems I have taken a few steps back in the last week and I am in a fair amount of pain. It’s almost as bad as when I first did it so I think a trip to the doctors is in order to make sure I haven’t re done anything. I don’t blame anyone for my accident. It was just something that happened. I shouldn’t have gone for a trot when I wasn’t feeling comfortable with it. Is there anyone else who has had an accident in which they have badly hurt themselves?

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