RAOK – Shameless Promotion


So it is that time of month again where I do a random act of kindness and giveaway something as well as promoting a business. This month I am giving away a purse from Handmade in CR. I came across this site from another blog I follow (1000 reasons I’m a crap mum) as this site is the brain child of Handmade n CR. Basically she wanted to start a fair trade project that helps young women in Costa Rica learn the art of embroidery and then pays them a fair wage so that they can earn a living and be able to send their children to school. I love fair trade and businesses like  this. I am a big supporter of buying things so others can get ahead in life that may not have the opportunities that others may have. The Handmade in CR Website is here. Check them out. They have an online store and they ship to anywhere in the world!


So this is the purse that I am giving away! Pretty isn’t it! So All you need to do to enter is leave a comment under this post telling me what you would keep in this purse! Pretty simple right. 🙂 So Good luck to you all I hope I have lots of people enter and I look forward to announcing a winner next week! Oh and don’t forget to check out the Handmade in CR website.


Rare Disease Day 2013


Thursday is typically known on this blog as Thoughtful Thursday. This Thursday however is Rare Disease Day and I thought I would use my blog to talk about this.

A rare disease is a condition, syndrome or disorder that affects 1 in 10 000 people or less. There are more then 8000 rare diseases and 80% of these affect children and most of them are found in childhood and affect them throughout their lifetime. While these diseases are classed as rare collectively they affect up to 10% of the population. The majority of rare diseases have no cure. (Taken from Rare Disease Day Australia)

So you may be wondering why I wanted to talk about Rare Disease Day. While I am very lucky in that my immediate family does not suffer from a rare disease I have 2 members of my extended family that do and so it is close to my heart.

I have a beautiful 10 year old cousin who suffers from Cowden’s Syndrome. Cowden’s is characterised by small non-cancerous growths that can be found on the skin however can be found elsewhere. These are normally benign however people with Cowden’s have an increased risk of developing several other types of cancer. So Cowden’s affects around 1 in every 200 000 people and is caused by a mutation of PTEN gene. My cousin has faced many surgeries and has had her thyroid removed however she still live a very active lifestyle with dancing, guides and netball.

The other member of my extended family who suffers from a rare disease is my cousins little 2 year old girl. She suffers from Galactosemia. Galactosemia is the inability of a person to metabolise sugar galactose properly. It is not related to those who are lactose intolerant and should not be confused with it. Galactosemia is diagnosed from at birth when the heel prick is done and if not found can lead to death. There is no cure for Galactosemia and currently the main treatment for this disease is through diet by excluding galactose. It occurs in 1 in 60 000 births. My cousins little girl however is a happy and adorable little girl and she doesn’t miss out on much as she has awesome parents who would do anything for her!

This s the 6th Rare Disease Day and its main objective is to raise awareness among the public of rare diseases and how they impact both individuals and their families. The focus of this years Rare Disease Day is ‘Rare disease without boarders’ this theme was chosen as in many cases there are few people who suffer from a disease in each country and support can be hard to come by as well as research into the disease can be scattered.

Here are some pages that might be of interest to people looking for more information on Rare Disease Day or Galactosemeia.

Rare Disease Day Australia

Rare Disease Day

Australian Galactosameia Support Network

The Oscars


So I decided to leave my post until later today as I wanted to give my 2 bobs worth on the biggest movie awards around. This was the first time in a while I had actually watch an award show. Normally I don’t have the time but I managed to convince my 4 year old to let me watch it (much to his disgust!). So for the last 3 and a half hours I have been sitting on the couch watching The Oscars. I have to say though it really was not a stand out ceremony this year. The hosting was mediocre, the dresses were nice but nothing made me go WOW and it just seemed a bit to stiff for me considering who was running the show. So here is my run down on The Oscars

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Shatner in the opening of The Oscars. Probably the best bit about the hosting! I mean who doesn’t love Shatner!


These guys!!! I mean RDJ, Chris, Mark, Jeremy and Samuel all on stage together. These guys did probably the best job at announcing a winner. Not to mention what RDJ said ‘Avengers was the most popular movie last season and it only got one nomination’. This is so true. The best movies tend not to get nominated. I have noticed that The Oscars are more for arty sorts of films. Not that there aren’t good movies in there. I can’t wait to go and see Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty has me intrigued.

jennifer-lawrence-oscars-2013-red-carpet jane-fonda-oscars-red-carpet-2013 sandra-bullock-oscars-2013-red-carpet

These 3 Beautiful ladies make my best dressed list! As I said there were no real big WOW dresses for me. Most of them were nice but also not good. Jennifer’s dress was beautiful. It was big but it was also simple. Jane. All I can say about this dress is that it pops. It also suits her to a tee. It flatters but it also age appropriate. Sandra looks stunning in her dress and she gives the young ladies a run for their money. Sandra looks beautiful in this dress and it is by far a favourite of mine!


I have no idea what Anne was thinking but this dress does NOTHING for her. I am not a fan of it at all. Maybe if it was a different colour it might be better but sorry Anne you are going to have to go to the top of my worst dressed list

So there were some shock wins as well. I wasn’t expecting Jennifer to win Best Actress. Not to say that she isn’t an AMAZING actress because she is. I am a Hunger Games fan and she was awesome in that. Argo for best film. Now I haven’t seen this film and to be honest it isn’t really one that I am interested in going to see (although I might read the book as it sounds interesting). I thought that Life of Pi might have one that one. I haven’t seen it but I have heard from friends that it is a good movie. Anne Hathaway beat out a pretty good bunch of ladies to win best supporting Actress. I would have liked to see Sally win but they were all very deserving. So this is my take on the 2013 Oscars.

Did you watch the Oscars? What were you favourite bits? Best and Worst Dressed? Any shock wins?


Sleep ins rock


One of the best things about my son is that he is a night person and that means sleep ins! While most of the time when I wake him in the morning he is fairly happy he does like a good sleep in and has been known to sleep until 11am! I am a morning person. I get all my motivation in the morning so as much as I like a good sleep in on the days that I do I find I get very little done. This morning was a sleep in morning. We crashed about 10 30pm after a really hot day here (For those who don’t know I don’t handle the heat very well) and while my son crashed straight away I struggled to get to sleep waking up every hour. At about 2am my boy woke up to go to the toilet and then he climbed into his bed (he was in mine) I thought this was strange so I went to go check on him. His whole body was hot. He had over heated. So we got up for a bit and tried to cool him down. Eventually we got back to sleep him in his bed me in mine and I didn’t wake up until 9 30am! Woo for the sleep in. My son slept for another hour and didn’t wake up until 10 30am. So I had a lovely morning sleep in then a lazy morning and will probably not be very productive today. Good thing it is Sunday!

Are you a morning or a night person? Are you able to sleep in or do  wake early every morning no matter what?



I have a pretty awesome family. I am pretty lucky. Yes I fight with them but they still love me and have supported me though everything. I don’t have a massive family but I am close to all my extended family including all my aunties and uncles. We all love catching up with each other and I try to see them as often as I can. I am also blessed to have all 4 sets of grand parents still with us and even though I don’t really know her that well I also have a great grandmother still alive! So who is in my family. I have my Dad and Mum, they are no longer together. My dad remarried a lovely lady who I call my step mum. My mum also remarried to a lovely man who unfortunately passed away 18 months ago. I am the eldest of 3. I have a sister who is 17 months younger then me who is married to a lovely guy. No kids yet but I am hoping soon I might get to finally get to be an aunty! I also have a younger brother (29 months younger) who has been in a relationship with his partner for over 9 years and who I call my sister in law even though there is no ring! My son is the only grandchild so far and it shows. He is very spoilt by everyone! As I said all my grandparents are still alive. On my dad’s side of the family I have 3 aunties and an uncle. All these are married and I have 8 awesome cousins who I am close to and love catching up with when I get the chance. On my mum’s side of the family I have 2 aunts and an uncle. My uncle is married and my aunts are in relationships. I have 3 cousins on this side of the family. I am close to them too and I actually lived with one of my aunts for 5 years and helped her raise her son as she was a single parent. On top of that I also have some step family some I haven’t met as they live overseas but others I have met and they are all lovely! My family is spread out everywhere. My mum lives in the USA, while the rest of my family is spread out throughout Australia. Its good though as I always have somewhere to stay is I have somewhere I want to go. I love my family and I am very lucky to have them in my life.

Do you have a large or small family? Are you close to them?

The Sims


Ok I have a confession to make. I am a little addicted to the Sims. I have honestly spent half the night playing it and I have no idea where time goes when I play it. When I think I have only been playing it for an hour I look at the clock at it has been 4 hours. What is with that! There is just something about the Sims that makes me waste time. I love building them houses and decorating them (my inner interior designer showing!), getting my sim to the top of their field in their chosen career, getting them to woo-hoo and just even creating my sim. There is something about being able to control every aspect of their life. Probably because our own lives are so unpredictable that it is nice to be able to control something. So the Sims is one of my vices and a real time waster at that!

Do you have any games that you can lose hours with?