I think I am getting too old to party


So last night I headed to a friends 21st birthday. It was a Disney theme and I dressed up as Princess Leia (Loving the fact that Disney brought the Star Wars franchise). It was a fun night with friends and I am glad I went. Being a single mum I don’t get out a lot so it was a rare night out. After the party I headed out to the pubs and clubs with friends. I have known this for a while but I am way too old to go out and party like I used too! Back when I was 18 and 19 I used to go out every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. I would head out at about 9 pm and not go home until the club closed. I could dance all night, chat to random strangers and just have an awesome night with friends. Now when I go out I feel old against all the young pretty skinny things, I am intimidated by all the really good looking guys (where were they all hiding 12 years ago!) and pretty much as soon as I get out all I can think about is getting home and having a nice cup of coffee and curling up in bed. Plus I miss my boy. So when did I become so old?!? I am so glad that I only go out like this a couple of times a year. I have even started getting hangovers. All through my younger days I would very rarely get a hang over. I was known as one of the most annoying morning after people as I would be up at 7 am and be bright and bubbly bouncing around whilst others were nursing sore heads. But for the last year I have been getting hangovers and a night out or big drinking session takes about 3 days to recover. I have also gotten extremely unko. I used to rip up the dance floor. Now I get out there and feel like the biggest loser dancing! So again I am wondering when I got so old and granny like. I guess that is what happens when your a mum. Do you still go out and party the night away or are you like me and would much prefer having a coffee at home and curling up in bed with a good book/sleep!