Thoughtful Thursday


DANCE I love dancing. Dancing makes me happy. I did tap and jazz when I was growing up and I have been dancing for the past 2 years which however has been sidetracked due to fracturing my L5 transverse process in a horse riding accident. This means that dancing fully is off the cards. But when my back is feeling ok I like to crank the music and dance around the house with my son. There is nothing more therapeutic then a good dance.

LOVE –┬áPersonally I think love is overrated. Yes I have been hurt. Pretty badly. Right now I am very happy being single and it is what suits me. One day though I hope to find the one person who can show me what it feels like to really love again. But for now my son is the thing I love most in my life (along with coffee… coffee rates up there!)

SING – I am one of the off tone singers ever! Some how my sister and brother got really decent singing voices (they both got solo’s in the primary school choir – my brother even got an Adelaide solo) but sadly my singing skills failed. Doesn’t stop me from singing though! I quite randomly burst into song. At uni, doing the shopping. Basically anywhere. My son hates my singing! Christmas time I was waking him up in the morning by singing Christmas carols. It’s the funniest thing ever and he was telling me to shush and get out. I will never stop singing. Much to many peoples annoyance!

LIVE –Life happens. There isn’t anything you can do to change that. I chose to live my life with as little stress as I can. Housework not done, Who cares (I say this with a sink full of dishes). I don’t stress about money. As long as I have enough to pay my bills and give us food I don’t need anything else. People don’t like you? That’s their problem not yours. You only have one life so make the most of it!