The perfect man…. For me


So lately, I have had a few people try to set me up with other people or had a few people take interest in me. This has made me think about what it is I am looking for in a partner and what characteristic I find ideal. So I made a list. Because you never know, someone might come across this list that fits all the things I am looking for in a partner. So here it is. What I am looking for in my ideal partner.

Physical features

  • Dark or red hair
  • Eyes that can tell a story
  • A smile that can light up a room
  • Taller than 5’6
  • Slim or average build
  • Strong but not too many muscles
  • Hands that fit with mine


  • Must like kids
  • Is kind, likes animals and is nice to waiters or those who serve us
  • Can smile even through the hard times
  • Funny, a little sarcastic and can make fun of themselves but not in a way that is putting themselves down
  • Gentle
  • Knows how to be serious but is also a big kid at heart
  • Is not afraid to cry
  • Doesn’t resist change or at least understands that it happens whether we like it or not

Other Attributes

  • Well read. Must love reading and not just the same books but a wide range
  • Intelligent. Not super smart but have a broad knowledge or understanding of things or at the very least have heard of them
  • Must want children of their own
  • Must have a job that they enjoy doing. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t pay well as long as they enjoy what they are doing
  • Prefers pubs over clubs or just drinks at a friend’s place
  • Both an indoor and outdoor person. Is just as happy having a day time adventure or sitting at home watching movies
  • Doesn’t take longer in the bathroom than me
  • Family man. Family must be important to them

These things are negotiable. They would be nice but I can live without them.

  • British
  • Good shag
  • Good cook
  • Similar music tastes
  • Dresses nicely

So there you have it. My list. If you know anyone who fits it, please send him my way. I feel some days that I am going to be a crazy old cat person and would like to think and hope that someday I will find the right person for me!

How embarrassing


Embarrassing moments. They happen to everyone. I have had many in my life. I actually had one today. I know I couldn’t help it but it was still rather embarrassing. I went and applied for a house today. Now as I has been sick and as I don’t drive so was walking I had worked up a bit of a sweat. So I was standing there filling out this form for the house and I had sweat dripping off me. I felt so bad. The lady had to ask me if I was ok.

I have had some other embarrassing moments in my life. There are two that stand out to me the most. The first was the time I was out with a bunch of friends on a Thursday night. Now Thursday nights when I was a teenager we used to hang out at the local shopping centre. So I went to sit down on a chair and a friend pulled it out from under me. Now normally I wouldn’t care but being a teenager and having my crush there it was very embarrassing and I went running to the toilets. The second most embarrassing moment was when I was camping with my family as we did every summer. I had gotten up from my chair as their were a couple of really good looking guys who were walking past. Now this summer my family were randomly dakking each other (For those who don’t know Dakking is when you basically tug down on a persons pants as they are walking past) Well my mum thought this was a good chance to get me. Down came my pants and my undies came down too. Thankfully no one saw anything (at least I hope) but I was very very embarrassed. I am sure there have been more and no doubt if any of my friends read this they will remind me of them but I must have blocked them from my brain.

Would love to hear your most embarrassing moments. Just so I don’t feel so bad!

I’m Having A Rant


So I am in need of a rant today. I am sick with a cold that my son shared with me and that in turn means I am emotional. I was thinking about friends today and how much I have helped them. I am one of those people who will try and help anyone who asks me in anyway that I can. This also means that I have been taken advantage of many times. It’s not fun. I have lent people money (all who earn more then me) only to have them not pay it back. When it comes to presents I always spend way more then others. Why because I believe that they are worth it sadly others do not feel the same. Not only that but if I ask for help I will always offer something in return if I can (mainly fuel money if I can). I was going through my phone today and realised I have some people who I think of as quite good friends and I haven’t heard from them in more then a month. Some I understand and there has been good reason for it. Others though I haven’t. Why because I refuse to ask for help from them because they always need something in return for it. I have had some friends who are awesome who ask for nothing and will help me in any way possible even at short notice. These are people I call real friends. Now I know I am not the most sociable person I struggle with small talk these days. they joys of being a single mum and not having the chance for small talk often means that I have gotten little patience for it these days. But I have great friends who understand that. At the moment I have a bunch of friends who I can go often without talking to but when we catch up it is great. We never push for anything and it’s nice. Other friends I have they feel the need to talk about all their problems and while I am happy to lend an ear every now and again they just don’t’ seem to get that sometimes I really don’t want to hear their problems as I am having some of my own. This to me has destroyed friendships. The only thing I can do is just to not ask for help (which I have started doing) and be very thankful for the friends I do have because they are wonderful and I do love them and try to get the toxic people out of my life (which I have started doing and finding out who my real friends are has been a very interesting thing).

Do you ever have days where your not well and just want to have a rant?

The Sims


Ok I have a confession to make. I am a little addicted to the Sims. I have honestly spent half the night playing it and I have no idea where time goes when I play it. When I think I have only been playing it for an hour I look at the clock at it has been 4 hours. What is with that! There is just something about the Sims that makes me waste time. I love building them houses and decorating them (my inner interior designer showing!), getting my sim to the top of their field in their chosen career, getting them to woo-hoo and just even creating my sim. There is something about being able to control every aspect of their life. Probably because our own lives are so unpredictable that it is nice to be able to control something. So the Sims is one of my vices and a real time waster at that!

Do you have any games that you can lose hours with?

Shoes can change your life.

shoe storage perfection

‘Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life’ I LOVE this quote and think that it is so true! My name is Jen and I have a shoe obsession. I love Shoes. All kinds but I have a soft spot for ballet shoes. I don’t discriminate though I will buy any kind of shoe. Of course I have my favourites that I wear most of the time. who doesn’t. I also have a few pairs that I brought on a whim and will probably never wear. Since having my son my shoe collection has reduced. sadly. when I moved from Qld to SA I couldn’t bring much with me so I left behind probably about 100 pairs of shoes. Saddest day of my life (first world problems). However slowly my collection is growing again. I have about 40 pairs of shoes. Nowhere near as many as I had at my peak but getting there! So has a pair of shoes changed my life? Not so much in the literal sense. I do however believe that they make my life better. The right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. They give me the confidence to go out and lift my head high. Self confidence is a great thing and I think a great pair of shoes can really boost it. You can also tell a lot about a person by what sort of shoes they wear. To me ballet flats say a person is fun but practical, thongs (or flip-flops for you non Australians) say relaxed and easy-going. People who wear heels all the time to me mean they are insecure while comfort shoes to me mean a person is practical and boring. People who wear sneakers all the time (unless you’re a gym junkie and live there) say that you don’t really care what other people think and like to play it safe. These are just my opinions on what I think shoes say about a person. There have been studies done on the subject my many people which are quite interesting to read. So next time you put on or buy a pair of shoes think about what they are saying about you.