Thoughtful Thursday

‘What if money didn’t matter’ – Allen Watts

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a business seminar at the star of December last year. It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity. At the start of the seminar we were shown this clip then asked to write down what we did now and what we would do if money was no object. this was then stuck to the wall for each of us to browse and look at what others had written. This clip has stuck with me since and got me thinking. What would I do if money was no object. So here is my list.

  • Travel the world with my son helping people and showing him that while we may life different each of us are the same and that racism is stupid
  • Attend seminars of successful people. I would love to attend more now but these dinners cost upwards of $200 (That’s how much this seminar I attended cost but I was lucky enough that the scholarship I receive paid for it). I love listening to inspirational people speak. It is amazing what you can learn from them.
  • Donate as much as I could to charity. I already donate $20 a month to Save the Children. As a single mum it is all I can afford but I feel good knowing I can help in a small way
  • Buy a house. Or buy a few houses and rent them out to people who need them. The waiting list for public housing in my town is stupid. Pretty much you don’t get a house. I have been on the waiting list for 5 years as a single mum and nothing. I was lucky that a real estate agent took a chance on me renting (It helped that they knew my dad) and let me rent a unit as I had no rental history. Not too many people get that opportunity.
  • Send Addison to Aussie author John Marsden’s school. It’s set in the bush land and they are very hands on. I would LOVE for him to attend. It’s really hard to get into as well. I can dream!

So what would you do if money didn’t matter??? I would love to hear what you would do!