Australia Day


Australia Day is held on the 26th of January. It’s a day which we like to celebrate all things Aussie. Since 1994 it has been an Australian national public holiday (we Aussies love any excuse to have a day off!). It’s a time for BBQ’s with family, the beach, a few beers with friends and relaxing. The day is filled with breakfast in the park, concerts, the swearing n of new citizens, fireworks and sporting events. The 26th of January is also an important day in Australia’s history. It is the date in which the first fleet made land at Sydney Cove. We live in a great land which welcomes everyone who comes here. So I thought it would be great to celebrate all things Australian

Now I would love to know. Where in the world are you from? What makes where you live unique? What special day do you celebrate? If your from Australia what is your favourite thing about this country?