We Own The Night


About a year and a half ago I found this amazing band called Lady Antebellum. No they aren’t new. They have been around for a while but they are a country music band so they were never really on my radar. A friend of mine introduced them to me. I love them. Their music tells a story. In particular their album Own the night. Listening to it as I am writing this. I love the blues and roots genre of music. Music you can just sit back and songs that have meaning. Own the night is one of those albums that I can relate to every single song on there. It is like they wrote it about my life! Most of the songs relate to one person who well will always have a piece of my heart. So today I will be introducing you to this awesome band that I love and letting you know my story behind why I like each song.

We Own The Night This song is the first that reminds me of a person who was very special and still after 5 and a half years still has my heart. We dated for about 3 months but when we broke up it wasn’t because we didn’t care for each other. There were just circumstances that just weren’t ideal. I still talk to him. He is one of my best friends. He knows everything about me.

Just A Kiss 2 and a half years ago I dated a guy. He was the first guy I had dated since having my son. It was very full on and ended badly when he left me to take back his ex. I was shattered by what had happened. I was lucky I had one of his friends to help me get through it. He would call me up and make sure I was ok and just to chat. 6 months later I found myself falling for him. He had a girlfriend but their relationship was on the rocks. He had feelings for me too and eventually his relationship ended. This song was very much a song that explained both our feelings to each other. We didn’t plan to rush things. We had a couple of dates. I thought he would be the one. But again I was wrong. We took it slow. It was great but again it didn’t end up being what I thought. deep down he had feelings for someone else so we parted ways.

When You Were MineĀ This is a song that reminds me of the guy who I dated 2 and a half years ago. We fell pretty hard for each other. He told me he wouldn’t leave me. He told me that I was the one. He promised he would never hurt me. He broke all those promises. We have had chances to get back together but I can’t trust him. To him I will always be the one who got away. I do still have feelings for him. I care about him. But he ripped my heart apart and I can’t go back there. I struggle now when I see him down the street or see photo’s of him as I am still good friends with some of his family.

Cold As Stone This song isn’t as much about a person in particular. It s more something that has happened as a result of past relationships. People who don’t know me very well think that I am like a rock. They think that I don’t love and am just out to have fun. Those who know me though understand that that is not me. I don’t often let my guard down. It takes a lot of probing to do that. I do wish that I was as cold as stone sometimes. because then I wouldn’t care about the fact that I have been hurt. I feel some-days that I am close to having that. then a memory pops into my head and I become a soppy mess!

Wanted You More This pretty much sums up every single significant relationship I have had. In the end I was the one who wanted them more then they wanted me. I am ok with that. It would have been nice to have been wanted more then I wanted them. But that’s just life.

There are so many more songs on this album that mean something to me. But I will turn into a blubbering mess if I keep going! Are there any songs or albums that just have so much meaning for you? Would love to hear the music that gives you your memories.