Linen… It makes me happy!


I love linen. It makes me so happy! There is nothing better then having new pillows, quilt cover or even new towels. I live in a house with just myself and my son and I can tell you that for 2 people we sure do have enough bedding for a family of 5! I have 3 queen sized quilts (with a 4th being brought currently), 2 single and a cot quilt. We have about 10 pillows, way too many sheet sets and quilt covers and towels… I have so many towels! Every 6 months or sometimes less I go on a major linen shopping spree. New quilt covers to change with my mood, new pillows. I am lucky. My son’s Godmother is a shop at home linen consultant. So I always know about specials and when a new range is coming out. I also get access to any discontinued stock that she has in her kit! This makes me VERY happy! When it comes to linen I like thinks that are bright hardy and pink! I think you spend half your life in bed sleeping so why not sleep in pretty things!