Moving House


Well as I mentioned in my last post I am in the process of trying to move house! The owners of the house I am currently in are going to sell and there is a bit of work that needs to be done in preparing it for sale so I need to move. I am lucky in the fact that While my lease isn’t up until the 10th of June I am able to move sooner if I find a place without penalty. Always a bonus. So I am wading through the rentals trying to find a suitable place for us to live. I am hoping to move by the 29th of April as that is when my son starts school and I am looking for a place nearer to the school. I actually looked through a place on Thursday and should find out tomorrow if I get it. It is an awesome looking place that s just around the corner from the school (in fact it is on the same block as the school. It’s right near the local shop and I have 5 or mare friends who live in the area! There was however another person looking through at the same time. So keep your fingers crossed for me!!! So I will apologise if the post don’t come everyday as I am trying to pack the house up at the moment. Packing is fun sometimes. It means I am able to de clutter my life for a while. So fingers crossed that I get this place as it is so perfect it’s not funny! 🙂 and it means I will be moving next weekend! EEK.. So I had better start packing.