I’m back… Did you miss me?


Yes it is true. I am back! I have missed writing and sharing with you all. Life got a little crazy there for a while. So what have I been up to I guess you are all wondering. Well I will tell you.

To start with I had to move house. This was a feat within itself. My old agents weren’t being very forth coming in giving me a good reference so I really struggled to find a place. I was very lucky though. After much stressing and a few tears I went to housing trust (a place where you can get help and public housing). Now I am not eligible for public housing as even though I am a single mum because I don’t need help from other services I am one of the ones that fall through the gaps. I was lucky however in that I was able to get the help of the private housing liaison officer. I can’t speak highly enough of her as within 24 hours of meeting her she had a house lined up for me with the agents that I had before the ones that kicked me out of the house! So while it came down to the line with moving I have found myself a new house. It is a great place too. $15 a week cheaper then what I was in, it is a bigger place on the inside, it has a wood fire and it is in a really quiet area. It does have it’s downsides though. There is no real yard so Addison has no outside to play with however, that has been not so much of a worry as if you jump over my back fence there is a playground, BBQ’s and the BMX track! the other big downside is that it is still a fair walk to school. This also isn’t too much of a worry as there are no hills and in summer Addison can ride his bike and in the winter when he gets a bit older he will be able to catch the bus to school. In all honesty I am just grateful that I have a roof over my head as it was looking like I might have had to move into a shelter (although I had a fair few people who offered to take us in if that became the case). We are settling n nicely in our new place and have already gotten ourselves into a great routine.

So in other news while all this was happening I have also started back at uni. After taking the last 6 months off to have a break and to work out what I wanted to do I took the massive plunge and changed degrees. For those that don’t know I was doing a social work degree however I found that my heart wasn’t really in it (or my heart was in it a bit too much) and so I am now following my dream in doing a Business degree. and an added bonus is that I will have it finished in a year. For the next year I will be studying full time with out the normal break times. Pretty sure I am crazy doing it this way but it does mean I will finish it quicker. So far I am loving the whole course. It is all pretty straight forward and all stuff I know which is great. As an added bonus the lecturers are great and I love the fact that the majority of them actually wrote the textbooks that we work from!

So as you can see it has all been busy here! So now comes the question

What have you all been up too since I took my break?