Dilemma – UK or USA

usa vs uk 01

I know it’s a hard one! Currently Addison and I are trying to decide on where to go for a holiday. This is still in very pre planning stage and will happen in hopefully October 2016. It is a dilemma as both countries offer very different things and Addison would like to go to the USA and I would like to visit the UK. So here are our plans for each of them and you can let us know what you think!

UK – For this holiday we will go for 2 weeks. I really want to see the palace, Go on the London Wheel, find and kidnap Benedict Cumberbatch,  Tower of London, museums, Canary Wharf, go on a red bus, and just basically take in all the sites. I also want to spend a couple of days in Scotland as I have some heritage there. This would take about a week or just over and then we would catch the train to Paris (A place I have ALWAYS wanted to go) and see the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, some museums and then a couple of days at Euro Disney. To me this sounds perfect as I love the culture that both London and Paris offer!

USA – If we went to the USA it would be a 3 week trip. We would start at New York, see a show on Broadway, visit the museum, The toy store, see the statue of liberty, Central Park. Then we would head off to Washington for a couple of days to see the White House and to check out the Smithsonian. Then it would be down to Austin TX. My mum lives here so we would stay with her and check out the sights and try to head over to Houston and see the NASA space centre. After this then it would be a week in LA doing Disneyland, Hollywood and if we can fit it in a trip down to San Francisco.

So as you can see we have a dilemma as both are as exciting as the next. So can you help us. Which sounds better to you? The UK or USA?


Have you checked out Bitstrips yet?


So there is a bit of a new craze sweeping Facebook at the moment and that craze is Bitstrips. You can design your avatar and then that avatar can be placed in all sorts of situations that can be shared on twitter, facebook and tumblr. You are able to even include friends in your pics! I love it and it is a bit of fun! It works on both android and apple phones as well as on the computer for facebook. If you want the apps the links are here!

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitstrips.bitstrips&hl=en

Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/bitstrips/

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/bitstrips/id694701214?mt=8

Here is a few that I have posted so far!

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Today we headed off to the show! For those of you who aren’t too sure what a show is basically it is like what the Americans call a county fair. It has rides, food, games, art, animals and all sorts of other things. The show has changed a lot since I was a kid. There are less rides and fun stuff to do. What used to be spending a whole day there has gone to just a few hours. But Addison had a complete blast! He got a show bag, 3 rides and a go on the clowns.


Addison on the Dragon ride


Playing the classic sideshow game of clowns


Addison and Peta on the Kangaroo


On the ‘Scary Wheel’ As Addison likes to call it


We headed there with my friend Peta and her mum. We all went on the ferris wheel and while Addison had a complete and total blast my friend Peta wasn’t quite that sure! (she is scared of heights). I also had to laugh at the restraints on the kangaroo ride. I don’t think they did much to keep Addison in there! Thankfully it was a very tame ride! All in all it was a fun couple of hours to get out of the house and have some fun.


Hmmm. Not really big enough for the harness!


Peta freaking out on the ferris wheel

Where have I been?


Hello, How are we? It’s been a while!

So I have totally neglected my blog for a while. I know, I know.. But sometimes life just gets in the way and you have can’t control it! So what has happened lately and where have I been? Well as most of you know I moved house. This was particularly stressful for me and everything that could go wrong did! It took a while to settle in and being winter all I wanted to do was sit in front of the fire and chill out. and then my computer decided to have a melt down and die on me. it was a slow death but it meant that I had a really slow computer for 4 weeks and then was without it for a month while they replaced the keyboard and the hard drive. I have started my second semester of uni. This has been better as I didn’t do so well my first (a bit of a learning curve there!) and really am enjoying it!

So now I am back. I wont make any promises that I will post every day, but I do have some awesome blog ideas coming your way talking about school mums, my new number one, as well as all the things that are coming up like the show, christmas and birthdays. So yes I would like to happily say that for the moment I am back! I hope you all start reading my blog again and enjoy my posts!


What do Stay At Home Mums do?


So now that my son is at school I find I have a lot of free time on my hands. While he is at school if I am not having coffee with friends I tend to wander aimlessly around the house. I have other stay at home mum friends who are always busy. But I have no idea what they do! I only have one child so the house work takes next to no time to do. I’m not one of those anal people who feel the need to spend my days cleaning. I have Saturday morning as my big cleaning day where I do the washing for the week, sweep and mop the floors and just do a tidy up. Yes I have gone back to doing study but to be honest having already been studying for 3 years I have gotten the routine of it and all the cheats behind up my sleeve so it doesn’t take me the recommended hours that they try and tell me it takes! This still leaves me with what do stay at home mums do?!? I’m not ready to go and get a job just yet as my boy has only just started school plus I am doing my full time study so I can get an awesome job when I have finished. I guess I could volunteer my time a day or 2 a week to somewhere but in all honesty it doesn’t appeal to me all that much and I have done my volunteering time a few years ago when I used to help out a couple of days a week at the local church op shop! So if some one could help me I ask…

What do Stay At Home Mums do all day??

Bad Day

So I just wasn’t feeling it today. Just felt like a bad day. Nothing went wrong so to say but just felt off and could have very easily spent the day in bed. Had a lot going on in my mind lately (which I am sure I will tell you all about in another post later!). So I have tried to think of some things I can do to help me out of this little funk I am in at the moment. Tonight after I put the boy to bed I am going to have a nice long shower (I’m not really a bath person), I will got out a face mask and put that one. Then I will chill out in front of the tv and watch a movie with a glass of wine. After all that I will have an early night and get some sleep. When you have a bad day the best thing to remember is that tomorrow is a new day and nothing is as bad as it seems.

What are your tricks for getting over a bad day?