My favourite consulting detective


So once again I am late to the party. I found firefly 10 years after it had finished and now 4 years after the first episode has aired I find this AWESOME gem. I have never really been one for mystery type shows or movies. The have never been my sort of thing. BUT.. This show has changed that. Sherlock is a brilliant piece of work my the guys who bring you Dr Who. They have done the best job at bringing the show to light and setting it in the modern era. Not to mention the perfect cast. Benedict Cumberbatch does a freaking brilliant job as Sherlock and Martin is the perfect John. I have watched the 2 seasons way too many times already. But that is how brilliant it is. Have I mentioned what an awesome job Benedict does?!? So I am now hanging for season 3 to come out. The US has their air date already and I am hoping it gets shown on free to air tv here in Australia but I am not holding my breath and will just have to wait so that I can stream it online. Bring on January 19th! Can’t wait for my next Sherlock and John fix. You have to check this show out if you haven’t already. But hands off Benedict! (I’ll write another post about that one soon!)


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