What do Stay At Home Mums do?


So now that my son is at school I find I have a lot of free time on my hands. While he is at school if I am not having coffee with friends I tend to wander aimlessly around the house. I have other stay at home mum friends who are always busy. But I have no idea what they do! I only have one child so the house work takes next to no time to do. I’m not one of those anal people who feel the need to spend my days cleaning. I have Saturday morning as my big cleaning day where I do the washing for the week, sweep and mop the floors and just do a tidy up. Yes I have gone back to doing study but to be honest having already been studying for 3 years I have gotten the routine of it and all the cheats behind up my sleeve so it doesn’t take me the recommended hours that they try and tell me it takes! This still leaves me with what do stay at home mums do?!? I’m not ready to go and get a job just yet as my boy has only just started school plus I am doing my full time study so I can get an awesome job when I have finished. I guess I could volunteer my time a day or 2 a week to somewhere but in all honesty it doesn’t appeal to me all that much and I have done my volunteering time a few years ago when I used to help out a couple of days a week at the local church op shop! So if some one could help me I ask…

What do Stay At Home Mums do all day??


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