Baby it’s cold outside


Brrr… It is that time of year in Australia. Winter is upon us and it is chilly. Where I live in Mt Gambier it get very cold. Sadly though like most of Australia we don’t get snow. Just lots of rain and really cold winds. The temp normally doesn’t get over 15c and nights are freezing. To me this is the perfect weather.  On these cold winter days I love nothing more then curling up on the couch and either watching a movie or reading a book. An awesome thing about my new place is that it has a wood fire. This has been an experience for me as in my 30 years I have never lived in a house which had a wood fire. But almost 2 weeks in I am loving it! It is so peaceful watching the wood fire and watching the flames dance. Not to mention that it really warms the lounge room up. I’m sweltering! Addison loves the fire as well and has great plans to cook in it and toast marshmallow!

So what’s the weather like where you are?


One thought on “Baby it’s cold outside

  1. summer finally arrived here in the northern hemisphere, in Wisconsin. We haven’t had any days that have been too hot, but in the 70’s which is cool for this time but I’ll take it. Hoping to get out and kayak this weekend. Welcome back!

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