How embarrassing


Embarrassing moments. They happen to everyone. I have had many in my life. I actually had one today. I know I couldn’t help it but it was still rather embarrassing. I went and applied for a house today. Now as I has been sick and as I don’t drive so was walking I had worked up a bit of a sweat. So I was standing there filling out this form for the house and I had sweat dripping off me. I felt so bad. The lady had to ask me if I was ok.

I have had some other embarrassing moments in my life. There are two that stand out to me the most. The first was the time I was out with a bunch of friends on a Thursday night. Now Thursday nights when I was a teenager we used to hang out at the local shopping centre. So I went to sit down on a chair and a friend pulled it out from under me. Now normally I wouldn’t care but being a teenager and having my crush there it was very embarrassing and I went running to the toilets. The second most embarrassing moment was when I was camping with my family as we did every summer. I had gotten up from my chair as their were a couple of really good looking guys who were walking past. Now this summer my family were randomly dakking each other (For those who don’t know Dakking is when you basically tug down on a persons pants as they are walking past) Well my mum thought this was a good chance to get me. Down came my pants and my undies came down too. Thankfully no one saw anything (at least I hope) but I was very very embarrassed. I am sure there have been more and no doubt if any of my friends read this they will remind me of them but I must have blocked them from my brain.

Would love to hear your most embarrassing moments. Just so I don’t feel so bad!


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