I’m Having A Rant


So I am in need of a rant today. I am sick with a cold that my son shared with me and that in turn means I am emotional. I was thinking about friends today and how much I have helped them. I am one of those people who will try and help anyone who asks me in anyway that I can. This also means that I have been taken advantage of many times. It’s not fun. I have lent people money (all who earn more then me) only to have them not pay it back. When it comes to presents I always spend way more then others. Why because I believe that they are worth it sadly others do not feel the same. Not only that but if I ask for help I will always offer something in return if I can (mainly fuel money if I can). I was going through my phone today and realised I have some people who I think of as quite good friends and I haven’t heard from them in more then a month. Some I understand and there has been good reason for it. Others though I haven’t. Why because I refuse to ask for help from them because they always need something in return for it. I have had some friends who are awesome who ask for nothing and will help me in any way possible even at short notice. These are people I call real friends. Now I know I am not the most sociable person I struggle with small talk these days. they joys of being a single mum and not having the chance for small talk often means that I have gotten little patience for it these days. But I have great friends who understand that. At the moment I have a bunch of friends who I can go often without talking to but when we catch up it is great. We never push for anything and it’s nice. Other friends I have they feel the need to talk about all their problems and while I am happy to lend an ear every now and again they just don’t’ seem to get that sometimes I really don’t want to hear their problems as I am having some of my own. This to me has destroyed friendships. The only thing I can do is just to not ask for help (which I have started doing) and be very thankful for the friends I do have because they are wonderful and I do love them and try to get the toxic people out of my life (which I have started doing and finding out who my real friends are has been a very interesting thing).

Do you ever have days where your not well and just want to have a rant?


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