The Knitted Boyfriend


So I was paroosing the internet tonight looking at Cat Memes, Ryan Gosling Memes, Really intellectual stuff whilst eating white chocolate and watching Breaking Dawn part 2. Whilst looking I came across this little gem. The Knitted Boyfriend. Basically this student somewhere made this as part of a project for design school. I totally thought that this was an awesome idea. I would love a knitted boyfriend. Weighted right he would provide a comfort to snuggle up to while watching movies or in bed. Being knitted he would keep me warm in bed. He wouldn’t talk back or argue with me and he wouldn’t eat all the food in my house. And the best bit. If I got sick of how he looked I could just knit myself a new one or even better have two of them (One that looked like Nathan Fillion and the other that looked like Zac Efron so I could wake up between these two hunk-a-spunk’s)! For more info on The Knitted Boyfriend you can click here or check out the Facebook page here.

Do you think you would like a Knitted Boyfriend? What would be your favourite thing to do with him?


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