In the Night Garden – This show is wack!


For those of you who have kids under the age of 10 then you will probably know this show. For those of you who don’t be thankful. Cos this stuff is weird! What is it with kids shows today. Some of the stuff they come up with is really really whack! It makes The Magic Round-about look normal (and we all know that was written in the 70’s and the characters are based on the different effects that drugs have!).

So for those who haven’t seen this show here is the run-down that is posted on Wikipedia

The programme features a large cast of colourful characters with unusual names who live in a magical forest scattered with large daisies and brightly coloured pompom flowers. The characters mostly speak short, repetitive phrases and each has their own special song and dance. The garden is a sunny, colourful environment and the music is jaunty and music box-like. Each episode starts with a different child in bed, while the narrator introduces the episode. The scene cuts to Igglepiggle, in his boat, travelling to the Night Garden. The episodes end with one character receiving a bedtime story, which is generated by the magical gazebo that sits at the centre of the Night Garden. This story is a summary of the plot of the episode. Sometimes the characters all dance together under the Gazebo.Igglepiggle does not go to sleep, and his goodbye sequence (“Igglepiggle’s not in bed!” … “Squeak!” … “Don’t worry, Igglepiggle! It’s time to go”) rounds off the programme. The Night Garden retreats into the night sky and Igglepiggle is seen asleep on his boat as the end credits roll.

So it seems pretty normal right. WRONG. Let me introduce you to the characters.

Iggle Piggle – Is the main character of this show and is always featured at the start and finish. He doesn’t talk and carries around a red blanket. Now Iggle Piggle doesn’t talk which I’m not sure if it is from being mute or maybe he is deaf. Also He falls down a lot and also has a tinkle in his leg. Could he have a metal leg and the falling down is because he can’t walk on it properly. It has also been suggested that he might have surprise narclepsey as he falls down every time he is surprised!

Upsy Daisy – Looks like a sweet little girl who sleeps under the stars and enjoys singing but don’t be fooled. She inflates her skirt when excited or dancing so her undies can be seen, her hair looks like many little penis’s which stand straight up when she is excited. Not to mention she goes around kissing Iggle Piggle every second frame! Personally I think she is a hussy!

The Tombliboos – Personally I think these guys are probably the most normal of the lot. These guys are 3 little toddlers who live in a huge bush playing music. They kiss each other but they are triplets so this is normal. the thing that does worry me about these 3 is that whenever they leave the house and put their pants on they are constantly falling down. Indecent exposure much!

Makka Pakka – This little fella lives in a cave and goes around on his ogg pog cleaning everything. I am pretty sure he is OCD as he cleans rocks (as well as sleeping with one), everyone’s faces and anything else that he can find! It could also be said that he is a stereotypical illegal immigrant. Smaller then the others, and he is a cleaner. He also has a very ethnic looking blanket.

The Pontipines –
Are a little wooden family with a mum, dad, 4 boys and 4 girls. They might look cute all sinning and dancing together but really I think that Social Services need to be called on them. The parents are constantly losing them (but really with that many kids do you blame them!), for dinner the parents feed them pretty much muck while the parents themselves feast on fruits, jellies and cake. Not to mention over crounding. They live in a semi detached house and they all sleep in the same bedroom. Does mum and dad pontipine ever even get any sexy time!

Now there are a few other charatcher who aren’t such a big deal such as The Wottingers. These guys are pretty much blue versions of the Pontipines. They only come out of there house about every 6 months so aren’t around often. The Haahoo’s are just big inflatable shapes with faces that just sit around and don’t do much and the Tittifers are a bunch of birds who play a little tune. There is also the modes of transport. The Ninky Nonk which goes super fast and is like a train and the Pinky Ponk which goes really slow and is like a blimp.

Have you seen this show? What other kids shows do you think are just plain Whack?


One thought on “In the Night Garden – This show is wack!

  1. I can tell just by looking at the picture that this show would creep me out. There was another show on in the US with characters like this, I can’t remember the name, but they were SCARY. I don’t know how kids like that stuff!

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