I don’t drive


So I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but I don’t drive. I don’t hold a drivers licence and I don’t own a car. There are a couple of reasons behind why I don’t drive. The first is because the thought of driving actually scares me. It scared me a little before I had my son but the idea of driving now that I have my son really scares me. I know it is something that would probably go away with time as I got used to driving but at the moment that fear is the number 1 reason that I don’t drive. The second reason is the money. Since having my son I haven’t worked. I am lucky in Australia though that the government helps out single mums and I get minimum wage which keeps me with money to pay my bills and keep a roof over my head. Now I live in a very good area of town. Probably one of the better areas. In the last census it was classed as a middle class area of Mount Gambier. For this I do pay a bit in rent. But it is a nice place and it is by no means out of my budget. I am also able to treat my son to treats and things. We go to the movies fairly often, I am able to buy him new clothes and toys when he needs them and we do go away on holidays a couple of times a year. Now if I had a licence and I car I personally would not be able to do these things. Cars cost money. First you have rego, insurance and car payments. You have maintenance on the car in case something goes wrong and then on top of all that you also have petrol to put in the car. It’s not cheap. If I had a car I don’t think I would be able to live in the area of town I do and as a single mum I feel safe here. Some areas in this town where the rent is cheaper I don’t feel safe at all. I also would not be able to do the things in which I like to do such as spoil my son and buy him new things as he needs them. So not driving is a sacrifice that I have made. I do cop a lot of slack from many of my friends. they tell me how much easier my life will get and how much my life will change. Personally I don’t think it would in fact in my case I think it would get worse as I would not be able to do the things that I do now. I actually put it as a status on facebook one day how I was sick of people telling me that I need to get my licence and discovered that a few of my friends were late in getting their licence and a few of my older friends on there don’t have one at all. I am lucky that I have a few understanding friends who don’t push the subject with me and I am grateful for that but there are a few friends that I have had to tell to back off because it was going to affect our friendship if they kept doing it. Oh and I have to note that my mum is 55 years old and she has never held a licence and she managed with 3 kids while my dad was away a lot for work and we still were able to do 3 after school activities each at least. We have legs and honestly it is a lot better for you.

Is there anyone else out there who doesn’t drive? Maybe you were a late learner?


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