Family Fun Day

Today was the annual Family Fun Day that the Mount Gambier City Council put on. It a great day that is free for all and kids have have a blast going on rides and trying out now thing. We got there at 11am when it opened and after waiting for about 10 mins we got our tag and we were off. First up was the Ferris wheel! Addison loves going on it and this is what he had been talking about all morning. He is a lot braver then me. I am a little scared of unstable heights so I was fine unless the carriage rocked in the wind!

Whooo This is fun mum!


The view of one side

The view of the other side

As you can see Addison loved it! That was the view of the fun day from the top! You have to wait in line for a while for some things. We didn’t go on everything. So after the Ferris wheel we decided to have a go on the dodgem cars. I like these as I feel like I am real life Mario Karting! No photo of this but we had a ball. So by this time it was just after 12 (these were the longest lines so it took about an hour to do both). We decided that we would have some lunch.

It’s bigger than me but oh so tasty!

This is a spiral chip. They are so good. It’s basically a potato that has been spiral cut and then cooked and covered in chicken salt! It was a pretty tasty lunch. After lunch we headed to get our free bag of popcorn and then Addison went for a ride on the merry go round! He had a ball on this and even let one hand go at one stage after I told him to hang on tight!

Waiting to go

And around we go!

After this Addison wanted to go and check out the snakes and wildlife. First we checked out the Venomous snakes which Addison was a little freaked out by but he was also fascinated by them. Then we went and patted a baby wombat and Addi even then managed to be brave enough to pat a baby carpet python. He was very brave.

2 tiger snakes. Fascinating but scary

These are the only photos I got of the snakes. These are a couple of tiger snakes. Quite common around this area and also very deadly.

So after checking out the snakes we thought about heading home. Addi first however wanted to go on the bouncy slide which he loved! I don’t think he was keen to get off! after this he also had a run through the wind tunnel which is basically a tunnel which air is blowing through. He had a couple of runs at that.

Going Up

Going down Weeeeeeee

Having a run thought the tunnel

Then it was time to head home but there was one more thing he wanted to

do before we went home. The Dolphin train! He had a ball on this and was waving to everyone. We had a great day out there and didn’t even get to do everything that was on offer. We both will sleep well tonight I think!

Finishing of the day with a train ride

The train


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