I always cry in kids movies.


Today I took my son to the movies. It was a belated movie treat as I ended up with a migraine on his actual birthday (My first in AGES) so we spent that day not doing a whole lot. We went and saw The Croods. It is an awesome movie! Well worth seeing. The thing I have been finding lately is that I am crying in pretty much every single kids movie I watch. I cry in most movies I watch. Including Transformers and other action movies. I take after my mum in that respect (We still pay her out about the fact she cried in a Power Rangers episode.. Love you mum!). Kids movies are the worst though. I cried in The Croods, Toy story 3 I was a massive wreak, Madagascar 3, Rise of the Guardians. I cried in all of them! And don’t get me started on old school Disney movies. After watching it more then 100 times I still lose it in the Lion King and I still can’t bring myself to watch E.T or Bambi. Most of my friends think I am awesome to go to the movies with as they always get a good laugh out of me. I guess I am just a big softy on the inside!

Are there any kids movies that make you cry?


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