Sexy old guys

So when I was a kid my sister and I had a list of sexy old guys! of course back then anyone over the age of 35 was old. In my 20’s I still had that list and thought that anyone over the age of 40 was old so the age bracket rose. Now I am 30 and 40 isn’t really that far away so I have had to raise the age. So 50 is the new 40! So now to share with you my top 5 sexy old guys.

antonio banderas AP

5. Antonio Banderas (52)

The accent, the body the fact he plays a cute little kitty. What’s not to love!


4. Pierce Brosnan (59)

So So distinguished and English (or I should say Irish!). Second best Bond!


3. Kevin Costner (58)

Love him in the bodyguard. Loved him in Rumour has it. He has stood the test of time!


2. Bruce Willis (58)

58 years old and still making action films. I love me some Bruce action!

Clooney 50

1. George Clooney (51)

Life long ladies man who will never settle down, that stunning head of grey hair. He makes me melt!

I do have to add an honourable mention to Brad Pitt. He has been on my list since I was 13 years old. However he is not 50 just yet (Not until the 18th of December) But I had to add him as he is my ultimate Sexy old guy!


Who makes your list of sexy old guys?


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