Firefly – Why were you cancelled!!!


So those who follow my facebook page would know that I borrowed this show off of a friend to watch. I had heard about it and it got my interest. 2 nights ago I started watching it and I haven’t gone to bed before 1 am since! I am loving it. I can’t believe it was cancelled. not to mention that it came out 11 years ago and I am only hearing about this show now! It is the most amazing show. For those who have never heard of it the basic story is that this team of 9 are a bit like space cowboys. They are free agent smugglers. It is set 500 years from now in space but it is like a western. So a sci-fi western. AWESOME RIGHT. Nathan Fillion plays the lead role and he is amazing. All the cast are perfect for the roles they play and they play them so well. Not to mention that after doing some research  out of the 9 main cast members have voiced a character in an animated superhero show and 5 have had a role in Angel and a couple have even been in Stargate. Nerd heaven right there! So currently I have watched 2 disks and I have another 2 plus the movie to go. I highly recommend this TV show and if you can get your hands on it and watch it then you should because it is well worth it!


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