My weekend away

So As you guys know I went away on the weekend. it was a spur of the moment decision that was decided at dinner Thursday night. Friday we sorted out all the details and Saturday morning we were off! So we went to Warrnambool which is a 2 hour drive away from where I live in Mt Gambier. It is over the border in Victoria. As a kid my family used to go there every summer for 2 weeks to get away and camp next to the beach so I know the place fairly well. Its a great spot for a holiday.

So at 9am on Saturday everyone met at my place and we hit the road not long after. As I said it’s a 2 hour drive but it’s not a bad drive. On the way we stopped at Heywood which is just over halfway to our destination for a toilet and coffee break. We then proceeded to head to Warrnambool. Along the way we stopped and picked up my friends niece so she could join us for the day then we headed into town and went to my other friends brothers place as she has family there and they were all heading for a catch up. So once we were there we worked out our plans for the day. My friends parents had brought their boat along so we decided to head down to the river and check it out and have some lunch. So we headed off to go check into our cabin, chucked our swimmers on then went and grabbed some fish and chips and headed down the river. It was pretty choppy and windy down there. My friends brother tried to wake board but it wasn’t happening. We then decided to take the kids on the boat so my 2 friends, my son and my friends niece hopped on and we took a couple spins on it. My boy LOVED it. He had a grin on his face the entire time and loved going very fast! So after spending some time at the river we went and did some shopping for food and our drinks for the night then headed back to the caravan park. It was quite nice as we were in a cabin next to my friends sister and her crew so we just grabbed the tables out of both the cabins and chucked them on the grass and sat out the front. When we got back to the cabins the kids decided they wanted to have a swim so we headed over to the pool and they had a great time swimming. My son had a ball and was jumping in the water and putting his head under. After the swim we cooked dinner and for the next few hours we basically just hung out chatting, drinking and eating. We put the kids to bed and continued doing that as well. At about 10pm a few of us decided to head out dancing so off we went. We danced at a few different places for about an hour then we headed back and went for a walk along the beach. It was beautiful along there with the moon shining on the water and the stars. I could have stayed there all night! The next morning we packed everything up and checked out then we headed out for coffee and breakfast. a couple of the kids went to the playground with their cousins and Addi and us girls did some shopping. after some shopping we headed down to the beach and the kids had a swim down there to try and get them to work up an appetite for lunch. after about an hour on the beach we headed to a cafe and ate a massive lunch and from there we took the 2 hour trip home.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend and I had a ball and even my son had a great time playing with friends that he slept for an hour on the way home! We have plans to do it again sometime hopefully in a few moths time when whale watching season starts so we can go check out some whales!

All tuckered out after his massive weekend!

All tuckered out after his massive weekend!


One thought on “My weekend away

  1. Oooohh, windmills!! I too am fascinated by windmills/windfarms. I don’t know what it is about them. Boating, the beach, aaahh!! I WANT SUMMER!! I could spend all day doing that. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    P.S. my drops came, thank you!!

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