RAOK – Shameless Promotion


So it is that time of month again where I do a random act of kindness and giveaway something as well as promoting a business. This month I am giving away a purse from Handmade in CR. I came across this site from another blog I follow (1000 reasons I’m a crap mum) as this site is the brain child of Handmade n CR. Basically she wanted to start a fair trade project that helps young women in Costa Rica learn the art of embroidery and then pays them a fair wage so that they can earn a living and be able to send their children to school. I love fair trade and businesses likeΒ  this. I am a big supporter of buying things so others can get ahead in life that may not have the opportunities that others may have. The Handmade in CR Website is here. Check them out. They have an online store and they ship to anywhere in the world!


So this is the purse that I am giving away! Pretty isn’t it! So All you need to do to enter is leave a comment under this post telling me what you would keep in this purse! Pretty simple right. πŸ™‚ So Good luck to you all I hope I have lots of people enter and I look forward to announcing a winner next week! Oh and don’t forget to check out the Handmade in CR website.


4 thoughts on “RAOK – Shameless Promotion

  1. I would carry my spare change because my wallets a piece of shit and is always spewing my bum change out. When im not using it for my change id store my false teeth in it, the end.

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