Sleep ins rock


One of the best things about my son is that he is a night person and that means sleep ins! While most of the time when I wake him in the morning he is fairly happy he does like a good sleep in and has been known to sleep until 11am! I am a morning person. I get all my motivation in the morning so as much as I like a good sleep in on the days that I do I find I get very little done. This morning was a sleep in morning. We crashed about 10 30pm after a really hot day here (For those who don’t know I don’t handle the heat very well) and while my son crashed straight away I struggled to get to sleep waking up every hour. At about 2am my boy woke up to go to the toilet and then he climbed into his bed (he was in mine) I thought this was strange so I went to go check on him. His whole body was hot. He had over heated. So we got up for a bit and tried to cool him down. Eventually we got back to sleep him in his bed me in mine and I didn’t wake up until 9 30am! Woo for the sleep in. My son slept for another hour and didn’t wake up until 10 30am. So I had a lovely morning sleep in then a lazy morning and will probably not be very productive today. Good thing it is Sunday!

Are you a morning or a night person? Are you able to sleep in or do  wake early every morning no matter what?


One thought on “Sleep ins rock

  1. I LOVE to sleep. Love it. I’m usually up between 6 and 6:45 am during the week and NO EARLIER unless it’s election day, then I have to get up a little earlier to open the polling place. Weekends, I’ll get up by 7:30 but if I don’t have anywhere to go or anything to do, I’ll go back to bed. Yesterday I had the energy and motivation to re-organize all the kitchen cabinets and closets so no nap for me yesterday but I plan on getting one today!

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