Thoughtful Thursday

Female Body Shapes

Body Image is something that almost all girls and a lot of guys deal with in their lifetime. I have found that as you get older the way you look doesn’t matter as much and you concentrate on being happy and healthy. I have struggled with body image at different times in my life. Growing up I was never fat, however because of my body type I was never classed as a stick and I was called fat once or twice. It hurts. Because I am not a typical body type. I will never be a stick. I have a body type in which I will always be above average body size. I would look silly if I lost too much weight. My Ideal weight is 75kg. That is considered fat for my height as I am only 5’4 however if I was any skinnier then I would just fall over. I am quite large in the chest. While it has it perks it s also a pain in the bum in that clothes don’t fit me properly! Here are some photos of me from the last 13 years. As you can see my body shape has changed a fair bit over that time.

 25641_344883716729_8378441_n33405_416479071729_7320968_n  227295_10150178273326730_6733925_n1cd3ac1e7bbd11e29b9b22000a1f96c5_7

The first photo is of me when I was 17 (I am in the bright green). As you can see I was a good weight. Sad thing is that I was still classed as a ‘bigger’ girl. The second photo was taken after I had my son and he had just turned 3. This is me at the biggest that I had ever been. I was not comfortable at this weight. I was happy but I really struggled I was pushing about 110kg here. The third photo was taken 9 months after the last one. I decided to something about my weight as the photo from before really made me want to do something about my weight. In 9 months I managed to lose 30kg. This was using body trim which worked really well. Carbs are not my friend! I felt really comfortable at this weight and I got many compliment about how I looked. As you can see I am not skinny, skinny but I look healthy. I think that is what it is all about. As long as you look healthy and you are healthy then that is that matters! The last photo is of me right now. I have gained some weight back since (combination of stress and my back). but to be honest I am ok with the way that I am now. Yes I would like to lose some of it. I have about 15-20kg to lose and I know that I can do it if I put my mind to it. I just think That we should be accepting of people of all different sizes. We are all not made the same for a reason. Imagine if we were all blond haired, blue eyed skinny people. How boring would that be. I think the biggest thing is to learn to be happy just the way that you are. you can’t change genetics. If the world accepted everyone then I think it would be a much better place.


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