Perfect Date


Continuing on with the love theme this week I thought I would tell you all about my perfect date. This is a dream date that I know will probably never happen. I have had this date in my mind for a few years now and for me it is perfect. So here it is!

First the guy would pick me up, then in a chauffeured car we would drive to the airport where a private plane would be sitting to fly us to Sydney. once we had arrived in Sydney we would take another chauffeured car (I think limos are tacky) to Manu Feildel’s restaurant L’etoile. For those who don’t know Manu is a somewhat celebrity chef. He has featured on Master-chef and My Kitchen Rules. He is French. The restaurant does a modern take on French food and for years I have been dying to try his thrice baked cheese soufflé. Check out the link to find out more! Any way we would have dinner then after dinner we could head to the Sydney Opera House where we would be placed front row centre for a Michael Buble concert. I love Michael’s music and it would be a dream come true to see him in concert. After the concert we would walk along the harbour until we came to a dock with a yacht on which would would get on. We would then cruise around the harbour drinking wine and talking until we saw the sunrise. once the sun had risen we would dock, take a car back to the airport where we would take the private plane back home. Just thinking about it is making me all soft! As I said this is a dream date. I highly doubt that it will ever happen but again. A girl can dream.

Do you have a dream or perfect date? Have you been on it or is it still a dream for you?


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