Bargains Galore


I love shopping. I mean who doesn’t. I have never been much of a saver (I can if I have to but I much prefer to spend). This morning I went shopping with a friend as I had a gift card for one of my favourite stores and I had been asking her to come shopping with me as she is always so nicely dressed and honest in saying what suits me. So we went shopping. I knew the store had a buy one get 50% of the second item. I thought well that will get me a couple of things. Well the sales assistant came over to us and we were chatting (It’s honestly the best thing about this store. The assistants are AWESOME. Every store I have been too I have loved the attention I get. They aren’t pushy but they are helpful!) and she mentioned that you could grab a third item for just $10. Well I was in heaven! I found a heap of things that I liked and settled on a top and 2 dresses. Then my friend only really found 2 things that she liked so she said that if I could find something I could get the $10 item.. Silly thing to say really. I was in my favourite store. So I picked out a pair of 3/4 length bright yellow jeans that I had been wanting for a while. So with my gift card and the savings I got $150 worth of clothes and only paid $30 out of pocket! Pretty good bargain. Still not as good as the bargain I got a few years back that I am in love with. I got 3 cocktail dresses worth $420 for only $80. Yep That’s what I thought. Massive bargain there! I refuse to pay full price for anything these days. I am in the process of buying a new mattress. It’s worth $480, reduced to $350 and I had some gift vouchers that I got for Christmas/birthday so all up.. $170 out of pocket! I got $300 worth of Christmas presents this year for other people and paid $30. My friends are always wondering how I manage to do it. Well I shop online. Catch of the day is a good site where I have gotten some massive bargains, choose your stores. I shop at crossroads. I love their clothes and they always have some sort of deal going on there. I have yet to pay full price for anything from there yet. Don’t be afraid to buy out of season. I stock up on lots of things when the seasons change. Look for the basic stuff and things that don’t date. I don’t tend to buy into the style trends. I buy what I like. Have you ever grabbed a good bargain? Or do you have any hints for when you go bargain shopping?


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