Pains in The Head


So you may have notices that yesterday and today’s blog have been posted a little later than the previous one. This is because I have been struck down with a migraine. If you have ever suffered one then you know what I am talking about and if you haven’t you are a very lucky person indeed! I have been a sufferer since I was about 10 or 11. I remember doctors visits to try to see what was causing them with no luck. I even had my eyes tested and discovered I had perfect vision (can’t say that now though!). So through my teens I suffered through them. I couldn’t swallow tablets until after I had my son, this meant that I would suffer through them with little to no pain relief. It was horrid. Ice packs, heat packs and even hitting my head against things were some of the only ways I could relieve the pain. I have a couple of friends who also suffer migraines and different things work for each different person. One friend is on preventative medication and it work for her most of the time so she only gets hers a few times a year. Another friend has tried everything and still suffers from them. I myself deal with them in a different way. I am not a big fan of taking pain killers. I think this goes back to the fact that I never used to be able to take them . When I get a migraine at it’s worse not even Panadol forte will take the pain away. I just need to try to sleep it off. thankfully the ones that are that bad only come a couple of times a year. The less painful migraines that I suffer most of the time I am able to take a few normal pain killers and while it doesn’t take the pain away I am able to function and look after my son still. I also visit a chiropractor who has been helping to lessen the amount that I get them. It does work. In fact this s my first one in about 5 months. so pretty happy with that. The Chiro has also helped me to see if I have any triggers that cause them. I have found one which unfortunately has caused this one. I can’t/ Shouldn’t eat white bread or things made with white flour. I have been eating some pasta lately which I think has triggered this migraine! So really it is my own fault! Do any of my lovely readers of this blog suffer migraines? If so how do you deal with them?

This is a great link to find out more about migraines and headaches. Many people go undiagnosed so the statistics are lower than what they should be.


2 thoughts on “Pains in The Head

  1. I used to when I was younger and spent many hours in the emergency room, doctors office, and having tests done. They even had me wear a neck brace for a month to see if that helped! I’ve found two things that have worked best for me – acupuncture and this one is a bit odd…I put my feet in hot water (hot as you can without burning yourself) and ice on my head in the dark (I prefer dark when I get a bad headache or migraine). They say that when your brain thinks your feet are too hot it releases blood flow from the head (where it is too cold and the headache is causing it to constrict) which eases the headache.

    • Ahh I might have to try that one. For me sleep is my friend. But that’s a little hard when your a single mum. Thankfully though my boy is an angel and he knows that mummy needs a rest so he will sometimes come have a lie down with me. I am keen to try acupuncture as well. My friend who has found nothing helps so far is going to try that next so I will see how she goes with it. 🙂

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