Thoughtful Thursday


Are you your own best friend? When I lived in Queensland I gave my Aunty a piece of advice that 4 years later she told me was something she remembers and actually took. So what was this advice… That you have to be happy with yourself and the way you are before you you can let any one else into your life. This is something that I live by. If I don’t love myself then how am I going to have anyone else love me. Some days it is hard to love yourself. I struggle as most people do. Personally I haven’t been in a relationship since just before my son was born. I had to do some soul searching and learn to love myself again after he was born. I am still on that journey. It’s a long road but I am getting there and I am at the stage where I am happy to start dating again. So the question for you is.. Do you love yourself and are you your own best friend?


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